No right, no wrong

If by now you are still trying to figure out whether you made the right decision, then I must say that you’ve been once again fooled by your inner thoughts.

The universe will never let you know it’s secrets; will not even let you take a peek of what’s coming. It will give you thrills and chills, and that’s how you’ll decide and live with it. No right, no wrong– just a vast sea of possibilities waiting for the next ‘yes’ you’ll take.


To you – who’s been buried down in a situation for so long, you need to get back on your feet. You need to step back from that brink of darkness, of chaos… and you need to move now.

You are so much more than your pain. You deserve all the things they told you you’re not gonna get, or experience, and achieve. To you, who’s been so afraid to try or even help yourself out. YOU. You need to start now.

Pick all the pieces that’s shattered and make them whole again. You, you should learn to love YOU, accept you. Because you have to. So please, no more fears, no more inhibitions, no more ‘maybe’s’.

Just, please… pick yourself up. Because you, you are too precious to just be forgotten.

Life is always rocky when you’re a gem

The past weeks made me hit rock bottom. But as the old adage goes, “Life is always rocky when you’re a gem.”

As I was contemplating and re-evaluating all that I’ve been through, I realized that all those struggles I was trying to avoid were actually the biggest plot twists and life lessons I needed in this universe!

…and here’s my two cents:

1. Getting out of your comfort zone – Give yourself a break. You don’t need to dig deeper and search for a reason why. The urge you are feeling is already the reason. So park all your inhibitions and make a move.

2. You will fail, and it’s okay – I encountered failures, struggles and pain – it’s a cycle, they’re inevitable and somewhere along the way, you will need it. So just feel it. Accept it. Learn from it.

3. Surrounding yourself with good people – I’d like to say “the right people”, but I still have to learn how to get to know the right ones. Well, coming from someone who’s so afraid to interact with other hoomans and just used to being with a few, this is a tough one. But really, this is a must. People you choose to be with should uplift you, insipire you and motivate you.

4. Be the better person – Always always always choose kindness. Try to forgive people who hurt you or broke you. Reach out to others in need, give back, engage in activities where you can radiate positivity. Share your thoughts, skills, your knowledge. It’s the best feeling ever!

5. Self love – For the longest time, I made myself believe that the love and appreciation you need would just be handed over to you like a pizza delivery. But no. The love you need comes from you, and you owe yourself that. So embrace your flaws, imperfections, acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, conquer your fears, and never stop setting goals. Remember, self love is not selfish. ♥️

So… should get back to work. Have a happy long weekend y’all!

Surviving unemployment and everything in between

I woke up today early and I told myself I’ll be okay. I’ll be productive and would finish running errands including those that are beyond my control. I felt good. Then reality slapped me hard.

I started overthinking again, entertaining all the “whys” and negativity that’s sits around the corner, waiting to be acknowledged. Next thing I knew, malungkot na ko.

You see, my year’s plot twist came a little too early. I unexpectedly lost my job last January that left me unemployed until now (on a birthday blues high). Got my last pay to budget for the rest of who-knows-when until I get a new job, and that scared me big time because living in Manila without enough money is nearly impossible. But the thing is, it’s just not my survival that I have to think of. It’s not just how I would not get that cup of coffee I want to cut expenses, not how I wouldn’t see my friends so I could save up and everything else I should sacrifice. It’s not just about me surviving. I have siblings to help out. I have responsibilities. I wasn’t able to pay for my siblings’ monthly boarding rent and bills (they study far from home) and wasn’t able to give them extra for school stuff just because I’ll be left with nothing. But what I wasn’t expecting is how it hurts knowing you can’t do what you’re supposed to do, and you can’t give what you should’ve given. That’s when I thought that it’s a part of life. These are just small pieces of reality most people struggle with every day. These are real-life situations that real people face to survive.

So if you’re reading this and you think your life is so miserable because your parents can’t give you enough money, or you have to write that promissory note for school, you can’t buy the things you want, won’t see the concert you waited for or can’t book that round trip ticket to wherever — Bimb, please think. Think of the people who’re struggling so hard just to help you out and the people who struggle with you. Think of the people who have larger battles in life, but still chooses to fight. Think of the people who’ve lost, the people who never fought, the people who survived, the people who succeeded.

How you choose to see everything that life throws at you, leads to what kind of life you choose to live. I am hoping we’ll all choose positivity. Living itself is already a privilege.

*opens a can of beer*